Baby Bath: How to give a caring bath to your newborn?

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A baby is the Best Gift ever a parent will get in this world. Learn how to care for your baby’s bath?

The first bath of a newborn baby is no longer going to be difficult for you after reading this article. Giving bathe to a baby seems to be something really tiring and hard & that also if the baby is a newborn.

Giving the first bath to a newborn baby is that’s not an easy thing to do. It needs a lot of attention & care. A first baby bath is a difficult task for every parent to work for.

As the newborn needs special care & attention for everything from a small feeding to a large work of keeping them free from various ailments.

Baby Bath for New Born

It is a thing that should be handled with utmost care.

If u look at another side of this bathe activity you can take it as a golden chance for you to build a strong bond with your infant.

It can only be done only if you do it in the right way. Once you make your child love bathing, it will become one of the very, very special moments of your life.

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1. Practical Tips for the Newborn Baby Bath

The most important thing to check out, before bathing the baby is whether the umbilical cord stump has fallen off or not. (umbilical cord usually gets shed –off between 10 days to 3 weeks after the birth)

If the umbilical cord is present then you should only give Sponge Bath to the newborn.

Steps to Follow:

Firstly, keep everything you need for a sponge bath ready, (like 2 smooth towels, one basin of warm water, a sponge or flannel handy).

  1. Starting with, Lay the towel on the floor and lay your baby on a flat surface.
    Take care of the baby’s umbilical cord and avoid any contact with water.
  2. While bathing, you should try top & tail bathing until the cord gets falls-off.
    Lay baby on a soft, smooth, flat surface (A clean smooth towel will work well for this).
  3. Warmly wrap the baby, and expose one limb at a time & gently wash it.
    Pat the area dry & now start washing the next limb.

If by mistake the cord gets wet, then use a clean towel or cotton balls to pat it dry.

2. True bath for a Newborn Baby

It should be kept in mind that the real bath should be given only after the umbilical cord gets shed off.

Steps to follow:

Before bathing the baby, keep all the required things ready with you (things like 2 large smooth towels, a partner to help you, soft flannel or sponge, bathtub with warm water, cotton balls, baby soap /bath wash, a baby brush, a baby shampoo-if have hairs on the head)

Check the water in the bathtub by using your elbow as it will tell you that the water is not too hot for your baby. (Baby’s skin is very sensitive than ours, so be careful)

Place a towel in the bathtub to make it softer for the baby.

Tell your partner or any person who is with you at that time to keep interacting with the child by singing or by showing a toy(it will make newborn to enjoy the bath & will also make it easy for you to give bathe to baby) & you should focus on baby-bathe.

Clean Your Baby

Hold the newborn with utmost care & wash the debris gently that gets collected over the skin.

Use soap & apply them gently to the skin. Wash gently & firmly the genital & nappy areas. Firmly wash the hands, feet, fingers, toes & spaces, or gaps between them, as these places are where most of the dirt gets collected.

And yes, of course, the areas like folds at the back of knees, armpits, thighs & neck should be well-cleaned.

At last, if your baby has the head having hairs since birth then apply baby shampoo & gently massage it & then rinse off. Always make sure that no soap or shampoo remains are present on the baby’s skin, otherwise, it may lead to rashes or some kind of infection.

After the newborn has taken bathe, dry all the areas of body skin with a smooth towel. Always remember, that early baths for the newborn should be for a short time period.

3. How many times do you need to give bathe to the baby?

For a newborn child, it is only 2-3 times a week, as they don’t get dirty.

But remember that you must keep the nappy area well cleaned & wash the face & hands of the newborn several times a day.

This will help you to keep your newborn free from germs.

4. How to make bath really interesting for you and your baby?

If, both the parents can be present at the time while giving bathe it could make the bond more strong between you people also.

Let the one parent do the job of giving bathe to the baby & let the other one do the interactive activity so as to make the baby enjoy the bathing process.

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As a parent or guardian, you must be knowing the things which your baby might be liking than anyone else in the world.

If you are a working parent, then these activities will help you out a lot. Don’t avoid or ignore your baby’s over cries as it is a signal that the baby might be having any problem.

Never let small kids or small children take & give a bath to the baby. As it might be very dangerous.

Always make sure, while giving a bath to your baby that the baby is not suffering from any ailments(fever, etc)

Give bath to the baby in such a way that the water should not enter inside the ears of the baby.
You can use cotton balls for ears.

5. When should you give bathe to your baby?

You can give the bath to your baby(only for older babies) at night because it will help them to sleep –well, because after bathe they will feel relaxed, calm, and comfortable. And the baby will have a good & complete sleep.


This trick will help you to get complete sleep at night as the baby will not disturb you.

But please take care that of the season and the place where you are living. Only give the bath in a day not more than that, otherwise, it may lead to some problems for your baby (like fever, cold, etc).

6. Things you should follow while giving bathe in your baby are

You should never leave your newborn in the water bath & go for some other work. It can be very risky. Give bath to your baby with all attention and with utmost care.

Learn some of the important advice for new parents to let them care for their baby the best.

Use clean towels & a sponge for the baby. Don’t share any material of your baby with others, as it may lead to infection because their skin is very sensitive.

For babies use only baby care products of a good brand only. Do check out that your baby is not suffering from an allergy to a product you are using for her. If found suffering, Consult your doctor & ask what to use.

Regularly, check your baby that she is not having any kind of infection on the body. Before dealing with your newborn baby you must always make sure that you must yourself maintain cleanliness.

Your hands must be very clean before interacting with your own child as they are very prone to diseases. So always make sure that you are enough clean before contacting your child.

Your nails must be very, very clean because most of the things you do to deal with a baby are going to use your hands.


A baby bath is something very important as it should be given to the newborn baby to keep them clean & disease-free.

The umbilical cord is the basis on which you should select whether you should give a sponge bathe or true bath to a newborn baby child.

As babies are not familiar with bathing so they will scream, cry, etc for a few early baths given to them.

It’s only you that are parents who can make baby’s bathe favorite activity for babies.

When u give a bathe to a baby you should keep a partner to help you, that person can interact with the baby by singing or playing with him.

I hope this article will help while giving the first baby bath to a newborn.


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