Newborn baby: How to take care of your newly born baby?

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Married couple will get their status in the society after they become a parent to a baby, Learn to care their God’s gift

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Being the first-time parent let’s start to learn some basic tips for caring for your Newborn baby and give them proper care in a healthy atmosphere.

NewBorn Baby

Every married couple wants to have blessed with a baby and the baby gives them the most respected position in the society called as Parents.

Not only then bring happiness in your life but also they give you a prestigious award that changes your world.

Babies are the gifts of God; very sweet and soft like a flower. So every parent should know the basic tips how can they take care of their baby?

Here, I present you with some very useful tips that will help you to give your baby a better care and make them grow in a very safe, caring environment.

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1.) How to hold a newborn baby after delivery:

It is very important for everyone especially for parents to know how to hold your newborn baby as he/she is very sensitive?.

In every step like when you hold your baby, put down your baby at the time of sleeping, lift them up you need to become very careful. But don’t be nervous to hold your baby.

Especially, take care of their head around fontanel which is very soft spot on the top of the head.

Make sure your baby’s head and the whole body are resting on your chest as well as on your shoulder.

When you carry your baby in your arms and pick them out of their crib or lay your baby down give support to their head and neck with your two hands.

When you know the correct way to hold your baby you might help and say others if they want to hold your baby.


2.) Feeding your newborn baby:

A mother can feel when her baby is required to feed. Being a mother for the first time she should be aware of how to feed and how much do you feed your newborn baby?

Breastfeeding for a mother after delivery is a great feeling. When a mother is starting to feed her baby it produces less amount of milk in color of yellow which called colostrums.

This milk contains lots of prevention which protect your baby from any infections. As your baby’s tummy is so tiny at the first stage he/she frequently needs a small amount of milk.

As his/her tummy grows, your body will produce more milk for feeding. At the beginning, it is required feeding your baby for maximum 20-40 minutes.

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Then gradually take more time to feed him/her. Do not worry, if your body does not produce enough milk for your baby, consult with a pediatrician for bottle feed, but never stop to giving your milk to your baby.

For feeding a baby you should choose calm, relaxed atmosphere and comfortable place. It is better if you sit comfortably with the support of pillow; turn your baby’s whole body close to your chest, touch her lips with your nipple and when she opens her mouth, start to feed her.

Your baby mouth should cover not just the nipple but as much of the areola (the darker part surrounding it) as possible.


3.) Sleep pattern of newborns:

Newborn babies sleep much day and night; only waking for feeding in every few hours. Newborn mean it is required feeding every few hours.

Generally, newborn babies sleep 8-9 hours in the daytime and at night also, but they are supposed to be awake at night and sleep during the day. There is no schedule for the newborns.

Newborns sleeping pattern vary from time to time as they grow up. In the first few days, the average newborn sleeps between 16-18 hours in a day. After 4-5 weeks, the average reduces 12-14 hours. Likewise, average sleeping time gradually goes down.

Watch for changes in your baby’s sleeping pattern. If your baby has been sleeping consistently and suddenly is waking that means there may be a problem like an ear infection.

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4.) How to keep your baby in safe custody:

It is the topmost responsibility of every parent to keep their baby safe. Always hold your baby with your two hands supporting arms.

Never leave your baby alone on a bed, couch, table, floor etc. Even if looking away for a second, an accident can happen. Read about the best advice for new parents and mistakes to avoid to give the best care.

When you put your baby in a crib, avoid soft bedding with pillows, toys that might suffocate him/her.

You need to be very attentive especially when your baby is sleeping. Always stay with him/her at that time. Babies should never sleep on the couch.

Never hold any other thing when you carry your baby.  Don’t take your baby to any public place like in rush area.


5.) Never do the mistake to shake a newborn baby:

Shaking a baby is very risky and dangerous. Never do this while you play with your baby or any frustrations.

It can directly affect your baby’s brain because it hips up and down.

It can cause a brain hemorrhage, permanent disability, death, learning problems, blindness etc.

Generally, people shake the baby when they are crying, but they should have to know how this method can be harmful? No child at any age should be ever shaken.


6.) How to calm crying baby?

It is obvious and normal that a newborn baby is crying soon after their birth.

It is very necessary that your baby should be crying after delivery. When a newborn baby starts crying they are taking the first breath to their lungs.

Generally, newborns cry for feeding. So you need to feed them frequently.

If your baby is crying continuously without any reason then take him/her wrap with a soft blanket and hold him/her to close with your chest.

Give a bath to your baby with Luke warm water. Baby can feel very relax.


7.) Know the vaccinations?

When a mother gives birth to a new baby, then he/she is started to take the vaccination.

It is very urgent for every newborn baby. There are so many vaccinations like polio, Hepatite, HPV, Rotavirus etc. which can give up to 12 years of a baby.

It is a very necessary action that must be taken to protect newborn babies from any disease. If a mother is suffering from any illness at the time of pregnancy, the newborn can affect easily.  So, the only way is vaccination to secure their life.

When a newborn is suffering from the mild cold or an allergy, you should consult with a doctor whether the baby can take the vaccination or not, because in illness time it is not recommended to give any vaccine.


8.) Take care of your baby’s health:

Your baby’s health is very precious, so you should be always conscious of the same. They are easily affected by infections.

Before holding a baby; wash your both hands with soap and tell others to do also. If your baby is suffering from any illness like cold, fever etc. immediately take them to doctor for consultation.

Always keep your baby in dry place. Take care of your baby’s skin with soft tissue paper not always otherwise rashes can affect their skin.

Change the diapers frequently of newborns in 10-12 times a day. After changing the diaper clean the area thoroughly and apply the cream which protects the baby’s skin from infection.

Taking care of a newborn baby is not so easy; you need to have lots of love and support and patience to build your baby’s future.

You have to prepare yourself for doing the task. Always be careful about their health, their food, and their future.


The Conclusion:

So, that’s all for now. This article was written by my sister and based on her research which was taken from 50mothers in our native.

The real appreciation of your work is the shares and likes we receive on this article.

Hope this information has given necessary knowledge to all newly pregnant women’s and those who recently gave birth to a new baby.

Newborn Baby is the most precious thing in the world that needs very special care and attention because they are the future of every family.

Wishing your family all success and pray God to give the best gift of the world to every married men and woman.


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  1. I really like your website, really learned from it. Just want to ask if How to cure skin rashes??

    1. Simply wipe the affected Area with lukewarm water and apply baby powder for quick relief.
      Should always clean baby clothes with Dettol and you should bath your baby with warm water using baby soap.
      Never use any ointment of adults, if required use the ointment only after the consultation of a doctor

  2. I think it is pretty easy to lose track of yourself after having a baby. What is important to note is that if you don’t take care of yourself, the harder it becomes to take care of your baby. I really like how you related that above!

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